• CLIENT: QXL Poland
  • YEAR: 2010

Revitalisation of the brand logo with the creative contribution from the Allegro team. Design of visual identity system, a logo of Allegro Group, group identity and co-branding guidelines. Design works for the purpose of the Allegro identity system included designing the brand typography from scratch and creation of sub-brands.

Allegro is one of the most recognisable Polish brands. It reaches directly millions of users. The site is visited by nearly 8 million people monthly, who generate 4.6 billion page views (data of Megapanel PBI / Gemius, February 2009). We can speak about an Allegro community with more than 10 million members. They share experience, meet at seminars, conventions and less formal events.

On the one hand, the brand was young and dynamic, but on the other hand, it had a strong and well-established position on the market. At the same time, the platform developed dynamically, entered new areas of online commerce and new foreign markets. The need arose to create a uniform corporate identity of the brand, develop a set of rules and guidelines regarding the basic identity elements. Both the 10th anniversary of the company and changes in the site’s look provided a good reason for taking the relevant actions.

Due to the brand’s position, SIGNATURE suggested a logo restyling. The change aimed at updating the logo, make it more dynamic and more friendly (brand name starting with a lowercase first letter, abandoning the .pl element) so that Allegro exuded strength and positive energy.
The changes were comprehensive and included also group dependency and co-branding guidelines. In connection with the extension of the areas of communication, the designed visual identity system provides each area with a dedicated characteristic pictographic code with a specific colour and theme, combined with the new logo.